Miss Vicki's opens at 11 a.m., Tuesday through Sunday. Our kitchen closes at 9 p.m. and the bar closes at 10 p.m.

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Miss Vicki's is not permitted to allow dogs (or any pets) on the premises. Please leave your animal friends at home!

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This Week's Music

Performing this week at Miss Vicki's are...


We Won the Moosehead Challenge!

Thanks to all our customers who bought Moosehead in the month of August, Miss Vicki's on the River won the Moosehead Challenge!  Miss Vicki and Co. spent the night on the town, Limousine and all, courtesy of our friends at Moosehead. As you can see, they had a pretty good time!


This Weekend's Music

Come out this weekend and help us show that rain who's boss.  As always, check out our Music Calendar for more info.

Friday 9/10

  • Jerry Chase  5pm-9pm

Saturday 9/11

  • Jeff & Nydia  12pm-4pm
  • Scott & Frank  5pm-9pm

Sunday 9/12

  • Cat Valentine  12pm-4pm
  • On the Dockside  5pm-9pm